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Ben Winderman = H. Boris Timberg 

The “H” in H. Boris was chosen with respect to Herbert Potell, my maternal grandfather and writer of grammar manuals for educational and literary houses. Boris is from Boris Badenov the world’s greatest no goody. Timberg tips it’s cap to Canis Lupus: The North American Grey Wolf (Timberrrr), plus a token g for the Golem; Goldberg, Samberg, Timberg, a subtle nod to my Yidishness.

#1 – New Millennium Writings


NONFICTION – Winter 2014



Ladders - New Millennium



Wilderness by Ben Winderman


I have been stuck under that rock, pinned down by the rush of water. But now it is late summer, and the river has fallen, and I have been fighting so long that my legs have grown stronger, and I am lifting that rock, and sliding out from beneath it. First I am a crayfish, then a snake, then a frog, then a squirrel, then a dog, then a man, and then back to a dog.

Fifteen years would be enough for me. I hope I can catch a Frisbee. I don’t want to be a hyper lunatic, and I don’t want to just sit on someone’s lap. I’d like for there to be kids around. I’d like to eat people food. Make me a mid-sized mix: some beagle, some lab, some boxer, and some pit. Give me a fabric collar, a fair owner, and the Pennsylvania wilderness at my paws.


Ben collaborates with professional photographer Kelly Gilbert of Lambdrake Photography to produce the popular “Pages” series. The Pages are an ongoing effort to capture moments of extraordinary humanity with both Kelly’s lens and Ben’s pen. They are not bound to one another and can therefore be given as a gesture of thoughtfulness and a sentiment of friendship. We live is a society that posts and roasts people as if we’re all thick skinned. Pages are meant to toast a subtle image, which could bypass us without being noticed. Pass a note to a friend or a page to a stranger; ask Ben for a glimpse or a gander, let your heart meander, mend, and lend itself to poignancy.

Here is our first Page – Enjoy!

Mulch Oblivion


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