Ben Winderman: Doylestown Dogs and The Writing Purchase

 Ben Winderman                                                                                          (267)-614-8847                                                        


Ben is a published writer emerging as a voice in creative nonfiction.

Having recently announced his retirement from twenty four years of teaching Ben is simultaneously accelerating his freelance writing career and his dog-walking/pet sitting business. Not unlike the stolen imagery of one Uncle Sam holding two puppets, an elephant and a donkey, who are seemingly disconnected from one another but actually controlled by the same iconic uncle, imagine Ben holding a leash and a pen. With the help of his small but committed staff Doylestown Dogs will take immaculate care of your animals. Our walks are not only affordable, but also extensive, and will occur through any sort of weather. Ben and his staff have collectively worked in three different veterinary offices, rescued 18 dogs and 12 cats, one guinea pig, two tortoises, two cockateils, who knows hermit crabs, and a 100 goldfish all called Vigoda.

cropped-writer1.jpegThe Writing Purchase (same email and phone # as above) Ben can be contacted for freelance work including original essays and letters of recommendation for college applications, content editing, copy writing, ghostwriting, editorials, dating profiles, and/or correspondence of any personal/professional nature. Check out some of the work samples I have included on both the “writer’s portfolio” page and also “The Writing Purchase.”                     

2000 – 2016 
            RIP Sweet sunny bird                  

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