Ben Winderman: Doylestown Dogs and The Writing Purchase


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Abraham swimming with summertime success. Abraham would pronounce that phrase differently adding an to every so and therefore producing the uniquely sweet sound of a hound dog shwimming.

Let’s focus on relevant topic though, specifically what brought you here to DoylestownDogs. Hopefully the reason is one or more of the following:

  1. You need a writerimg_0586
  2. You need this writer, to write something written.
  3. You need a dog walker IMG_0304
  4. You need this dog walker, to walk your dogs presumably, or cat.
  5. Let’s clarify: In terms of writing and/or pet care I will do anything: walk, run, brush, feed, train (not cats), board, and transport. Doylestown Digs is an established LLC and we (with my kids Sam and Maggie) will care for you pets like they are our own!
  6. Speaking of our pets:


Ben is an emerging voice in creative nonfiction. Having recently retired from 25 years of teaching high school social studies Ben is accelerating his freelance writing career, expanding his dog-walking/pet sitting business, and doing his best to evolve his identity from educator to entrepreneur.

So far it feels not dissimilar to the imagery, albeit stolen, of Uncle Sam holding two puppets, an elephant and a donkey, who are seemingly disconnected from one another but actually controlled by the same iconic source. Imagine Ben, the non iconic version, holding a leash in one hand and a pen in the other. Already complications, who’s carrying the poop bag..?

Writing is for everyone to digest individually if at all. Ben believes in creativity and admires people who take enormous risks to perpetuate free expression.

Dogs are more likely why you’re here – Welcome. Ben and the staff at DoylestownDogs will take immaculate care of your animals. Walks are not only affordable, but also extensive. If appropriate and/or hot, the walk may include a visit to Gary and Lydia Winderman’s house.

 Ben and his staff have collectively worked in three different veterinary offices, rescued 18 dogs, 12 cats, one guinea pig, two tortoises, two cockateils, who knows hermit crabs, 100 goldfish all called Abe Vigoda, and generally love animals with a sweetness that your pet will appreciate.










And Yes that is a cockatiel! DoylestownDogs does not discriminate; We help all animals meant to be pets!

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cropped-photo-3.jpgWhat About The Writing?

The Writing Purchase takes its name from an historical event attributed to William Penn during which colonial walkers set out in each direction at dawn. The circumference of their collective radii would come to be known as Pennsylvania, but really represents the part of the Commonwealth which I know well, Bucks County. Doylestown has an incredible tradition of literary eloquence as notable authors such as James Michener, Margaret Meade, and Pink all made their homes here.

Here’s Ben writing in Doylestown – well soon to be writing. Read the info below and persuade some of Ben’s immediate success as an author.

Currently Ben is partnering with celebrity chef Maria Liberati, on the 4th edition of her cook book series: The Basic Art of Italian Cooking. For a glimpse into Maria’s massive following click on her link below.


The Writing Purchase

Ben can be contacted for freelance work including original nonfiction essays educational articles, recommendations content writing and  SEO editing, dating profiles, copy writing, ghostwriting, grant writing, and soccer scouting/journalism.

Check out some work samples on the WRITERS PORTFOLIO pages, and ask about anything you’d like written, revised, proofread, embedded, edited, copy written, created, contented SEO

267 614 8847 – Call Ben Winderman

And here is Maria Liberati at

Read her blogs, recipes, and find out about her upcoming appearences at VILLA CAPRI IN Doylestown!